Brochure websites made simple
for small businesses.

Most brochure website services are cheap, and difficult to use successfully. We make the opposite trade-off, and offer simple services for a premium.


Simple pricing, for everyone.

It doesn't matter what size your business is, our services won't work well off the couch for cheap.

Starter plan

Good for anyone who is just getting started, or existing small businesses that want an online makeover.


  • Free personalized demo we will create for you, before you commit to our Small Business plan. Serious inquiries only.
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Small Business plan

Perfect for small businesses that want professionally run enterprise websites.

$420/mo OR $4,200/yr

  • Branded and personalized brochure website for your businesses unique requirements
  • Mobile first design for excellent user experience on any web browser or screen size
  • Search engine optimization and rich snippets for search results with rich display and higher click-through rates
  • Security updates, feature updates, and latest technology improvements so your site never grows old
  • HTTPS/SSL encryption for the privacy and security of your visitors
  • Appointment or Reservation booking with your business to save the phone call
  • Invoice customers for your services through secure third parties like PayPal & Stripe, or accept Bitcoin & Bitcoin Cash
  • Member areas for exclusive customers or visitors of your site
  • Sell your product(s) online and/or sync with your retail Point-of-Sale system
  • Verify visitors are human or at least pay for a smartphone
  • Bring your own domain name, or it can be managed for you* (*for the additional cost of the domain*)
Pay MonthlyPay Yearly

Premium Business plan

For businesses that don't want the hassle of managing their own business online.


  • All features of the Small Business plan
  • Dedicated consulting, development, management, and support for your online presence
  • Accessibility (A11y) for Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance
  • Compliance for restrictions based upon your businesses industry governing regulations
  • Internationalization (I18n) for multi-currency & multi-language support
  • Mobile app development for your own iOS or Android app
Pay MonthlyPay Yearly

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions

If you can't find what you're looking for, email our support team, and if you're lucky someone will get back to you.

    • Why are your prices so high?

      Because we're high, living in Colorado, and want your website to rank high too. Get high rankings, get high conversion rates.

    • Why is your hourly rate $420.69?

      So we can spend an hour or less on your monthly plan each month.

    • Can I pay for my subscription via purchase order?

      Absolutely, we are happy to take your money in all forms especially Bitcoin Cash if you want a discount.

    • Why Bitcoin Cash?

    • Does Maple Candy handle VAT?

      Sorry just WAF, but you can get the Premium Business plan to manage it if you want.

    • How do you generate reports?

      You just tell us what data you need a report for, and we have children create beautiful charts for you using only the finest crayons.

    • I lost my password, how do I get into my account?

      Send us an email and we will send you a copy of our latest password spreadsheet so you can find your information.

    • Can we expect more features?

      In life it's really better to never expect anything at all, but we're certain new taxes will be created that require new features eventually.

    • How do I apply for a job at MapleCandy.Dev?

      We currently only hire our customers, so subscribe for a minimum of 1 year and then let's talk.

    • MapleCandy.Dev sounds horrible, but why do I still feel compelled to purchase your service?

      This is the power of excellent User Experience (UX) design. You just can't resist it, no matter how poorly it actually functions.